Chocolate Pot, Strasbourg, 1736-1750, Sterling Silver

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🇬🇧 Sterling silver chocolate pot in Louis XIV style, by Jean Jacques Ehrlen, hallmark for the period 1736-1750. The belly in front is ornamented with a device, or a coat of arms.
Very heavy and solid. Weight 1 kilo. Good condition , need to be cleaned. 

Artist(s) - Hallmarks:Hallmark for the period 1736-1750 - Jean Jacques Ehrlen - Coat of Arms

Period: 18th - Style: Louis XIV

Materials: Sterling silver
Total Weight: 1000 grams

Dimensions: (H): 27cm


Ref (ID) : P 699642


🇫🇷 Ravissante chocolatière tripode de style Louis XIV, Strasbourg , 1736-1750. Fabrication très solide. 

Artiste(s) - Poinçons: Jean Jacques Ehrlen - Gravure héraldique sur le ventre. Bon état, nécessite un nettoyage.
Époque: 18ème - Style: Louis XIV

Matériaux : Argent Massif 
Poids Total:  1000 grammes

Dimensions: (H): 27cm