De Bist House, Louis XV style complete canteen, Mechelen, circa 1890-1910

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Complete sterling silver -800‰- canteen of cutlery, 159 Pieces, Louis XV Style.

Very large and sumptuous Louis XV style canteen in solid silver, made by the De Bist house in Mechelen between 1890 and 1910. There is no monogram or coat of arms engraved on the cutlery. There are:

12 large forks

12 large spoons

12 large knives

12 dessert knives

12 dessert spoons

12 dessert forks

12 fish knives

12 fish forks

12 cake forks

12 cake knives

12 teaspoons

12 mokka spoons

15 pieces to serve

Total: 159 pieces 

ID: PW 674807

Ménagère Louis XV Argent Massif, De Bist à Malines Vers 1890-1910,159 pièces pour 12 personnes

Volledig bestek, 159 stuks, massief zilver, Huis de Bist, Mechelen